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Kauai, formed some six million years ago, Kauai encompasses roughly 550 square miles and is the oldest and northernmost of the main Hawaiian Islands. It's a place as close to the Garden of Eden as one can find. Often called the Garden Isle because of it's endless beauty, it's treasured for its lush tropical greenery and sparkling sand beaches.

Only on Kauai can you see the spectacular Waimea Canyon and Napali coastline, over 70 movies and television shows have been filmed on Kauai featuring its incredible landscapes.

Spend the day snorkeling and then stroll that evening through Hanapepe during Friday Night�s Art Night! You�ll love the large number of exciting activities on Kauai to choose from including ATV rides, Airplane and Helicopter tours, Kayaking, Tubing, and Zipline tours as well as authentic Hawaiian Luaus.

Choose from off-road adventures like ATV tours, biking tours from Waimea Canyon, rainforest hiking, mountain tubing, horseback riding and zip line adventures for those who want to explore off the beaten path.

You'll also find many enjoyable Kauai activities that are less strenuous, from Fishing charters, Golf and helicopter flights, to snorkeling, whale watching, leisurely kayaking, and short, easy hikes. Why not rent a motorcycle!

Kauai's beaches are some of the best in the world. We offer water and surf activities, explore Kauai's reefs with scuba diving, snorkeling, or even snuba. Maybe a catamaran or zodiac trip while viewing the spectacular NaPali Coast.

Fishing charters, surfing, windsurfing, whale watching, and much, much more - Kauai's ocean offers dozens of activities for everyone! Air Tours to Zip lines and about everything in-between.

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